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  • @iamteddytee

    • My brothers had a great time in Hawaii!! bwaron breadwinnerdannyhellip
    • Telling bwaron he killing these folks! We bout to showhellip
    • Im trying to get richerI see the big picture DamnSheBadhellip
    • Thought I heard somebody say they was a BreadWinner BWAHAWAIIhellip
    • Yea wit the Yea! BWA HORSEPOWER TeddyTee Hennessy
    • These hoes aint LoyalThese hoes aint Loyal Get sum moneyhellip
    • Me and Moms back in the the day tbt IceCreamManhellip
    • Came up long way dumb licks wit homies Grew uphellip
    • I cant go back Im to polishedI got mo classhellip
    • Me and ogboobieblackbwa got some more dope for the streets!!hellip
    • On Set Buttah video shoot kallmekatrina BWAHAWAiI HORSEPOWER3 TeddyTee