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  • @iamteddytee

    • Dont know where Im headed cant say where Im goinghellip
    • Yeah Im down and around!!! Where everybody at? BWAHAWAII HorsePower3hellip
    • I salute real niggas and stay out the way ofhellip
    • That pack came in! Rep ur nigga shit like itshellip
    • Gotta couple houses Im an Owner 50 blunts a dayhellip
    • mrchrisdajeweler BWAHAWAII BREADSEASON HorsePower3 TeddyTee
    • I aint used my brakes yet I aint wait yethellip
    • Dodging the rain sipping this lean dodging this painLighting thishellip
    • Im independent wit this ish! Fuck wit my Campaign tho!hellip
    • Couple niggas Xed out Sharpened up my plan nowHorse Powerhellip